The team is not just us:
The most important team member is always the customer!


The team

Experienced, skilled employees are what make kub GmbH. Ideas, concepts and solutions are elaborated and implemented methodically and purposefully. Our highly qualified computer scientists and engineers have sound expertise in software development and a wealth of industry experience.

We often work together with our customers – in a personal consultation, for example – to prepare the relevant requirements definition for solving the task at hand. Working closely alongside the relevant future users, kub elaborates the solution concept and describes how the requirements are to be implemented.

Tried-and-tested project management and software development methods and a consistent quality strategy are the prerequisites for ensuring the success of the project. From the analysis, design and building of the solution to its deployment, including training for users and IT staff, we collaborate with our customers on each and every project to implement it. The constant flow of information between the customer and kub employees guarantees the optimum management of projects.

The development goal of our system solutions and consulting concepts is to develop solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily by our customers’ technical departments and used independently in daily practice with little instruction.


Our experienced project managers co-ordinate the work with our customers, lead the team and plan and monitor project progress, deadlines and costs.